¿What is SEO?

¿What is SEO? Today, we are going to explain you what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is.

SEO (Search Engine Optimitation)

what is seo

A website can have different traffic sources such as search engines, social networks and so on. Being on first page on Google is vital for the success of a website. The last tendency includes the effect social networks have on your website, as a comment on Facebook or a Tweet can generate thousands of visits to your webpage. But let´s define what SEO means first.

bingSEO refers to all the actions and tasks that can achieve an organic placement on a search engine.

In search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and so on, when we write a word in the search tab, we obtain several search results. Generally on the top of the window or on the right side we can see some results named Adds. These results are there because the different websites have paid to be there, and the other results are what we call organic results. There are some discussions related to this topic, as many consider that the SEO positioning should include all sorts of results, organic and non-organic results.


The word SEO is also used to define the traffic sources of a website outside search engines.

The position of a webpage in a search engine by using several keywords (regardless of if it is one or more keywords)requires some actions that modify the internal structure of the website. From an outside point of view, linkbuilding, linkbaiting or similar techniques are applied so the website can earn a name on the Internet.

The different search engines that we have mentioned previously offer similar results to the users, but similar does not mean identical. That is where we can see the effect of using the correct keyword. As Google is the most powerful and used search engine, most of the SEO efforts are focused on being applied to Google. But this does not mean that the other search engines should be ignored. There is a wide variety of websites that obtain most of their visits and clicks from people using search engines such as Bing or Yahoo, so do not focus only on Google!

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