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As we all know, the Hotmail renamed Outlook, but the service is still as excellent. If you do not have an account yet or want to create a new email here we indicate the steps and suggestions. The service is free and the account created also serves to use the online storage system OneDrive.

outlookNow to create your account. First you must enter the site Outlook.com (www.outlook.com) and click on “Register now“. This link is at the bottom left of the page.

A registration form where you will enter your personal details (name, surname, date of birth, etc.) will open. You also have to choose your email and its respective password. In turn you will have to have two ways in which they can reset your password if you forget it. You must choose between providing your telephone number and alternate email account (which already possess). If you put your phone they will send a text message to confirm the number (does not work for all regions). So will the alternate email. We recommend that you add any of these options or all will be easier in the future to recover the account in case you’ve forgotten your password or there is some other mishap.

After completing the form correctly and accept the terms and conditions inbox for your new email will open.

Outlook.com will welcome you and show you the benefits. To access the inbox will need to click “Continue to inbox”.

You’ll have a message. It will be a team Outlook email and will serve to set the inbox.


You can link your new email account with accounts of other messaging services like Gmail and you can also add contacts from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It is very convenient to not have to add contacts manually and if you want you can link social networks to see updates from the Outlook.com inbox. Finally you’ll will configure your Outlook account on your mobile phone.
To leave Outlook.com you must go to the top right where your name and click “Logout”. To enter you must do it again address Outlook.com.

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