Windows Live Hotmail allows you to open a free email account. Furthermore, Hotmail has the great advantage of being fast and free. Almost never is flawed and has interesting features such as antispam and antivirus system. To use Skype, Xbox Live or any other proposed by Microsoft (for example, the .NET Passport Network service) must have a Windows Live ID service.


As of February 19, 2013, changed its name to Outlook, although many people still seek him with the name of Hotmail, or continue entering, where are redirected to

To create a Hotmail account, you must open an account with Windows Live ID. This will allow you to access all Microsoft services such as, SkyDrive, Skype,, Bing, etc.
To begin, you must enter the account creation page of Microsoft by clicking here. Then, you must complete the tab to create a Microsoft account.
You can enter your data directly there and select the email you would like to have (eg Check it available. You will also have the choice between having a account and with the help of the small down arrow.
Create a password and select one of the options available so you can restore it. This is very important because it will serve you in the future if you forget your password, if you can not access your account.

Finally, click the Accept button, located at the bottom of the page and go. You will have your created account.

Login Hotmail is simple. You just have to reenter the cover of Outlook, and add the username you chose upon registration, password, and voila, you go directly to your inbox.


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