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Create Account is an easy procedure. It allows us to access very quickly to our Hotmail, Gmail o Yahoo email account o Facebook, Twitter o Instagram.

Make Account

Most of the best online services, apps and websites these days require you to create an account in order to use them. Whether you want to create an account for a particular email provider, or a social media account like Facebook or SnapChat, the steps aren’t very complicated, although they are slightly different for each website or app.

How Sign Up

Like I said, the specific steps to sign up for most websites or social apps will vary slightly, but there is usually a general format that each process will follow. Here are some general steps you can use to create accounts, regardless of what the account is for. This will work for anything from email platforms like Gmail and Yahoo, to social media apps like Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Go to the service’s website or download their mobile app on your device (many of the most popular services are available both ways, for desktop and for mobile). You can do this by searching for the service you want, for example, typing “yahoo” into your search engine. Or if you already know the website’s address, you can type it in directly, for example, typing “” in your browser’s address bar.
  2. Find the link or button to sign up / create account. Sometimes you have to go through the “sign in/log in” button to find this.
  3. Enter all the personal information you are asked for, which will most likely require either an email address or mobile phone number for verification and security.
  4. Follow steps for verification, and you’re done!

Create Account

So if you’re looking to create an account for any of the most popular sites and apps, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can find step by step instructions to create accounts, sign in or login to your accounts, and even how to delete accounts.

Create Account Hotmail

  1. hotmailIn order to be able to sign up Hotmail, you should type “” in your internet browser. When you press Enter, you will be re-directed to The main page of is very simple, as it only has a description of the email server on the left hand of the webpage and the boxes that need to be filled in for accessing your emails on the right hand side of the webpage. But, as you do not have an account yet, you must click on the link that says “still don’t have an account? Register now!” that you will find below the boxes.
  2. Once you click on it, it will grant you access to a new window where you will need to fill in a questionnaire with your personal data. Both the email name and the password are compulsory for accessing your emails once you have finished registration. The email account extension can be chosen among “”, “”, “” or the extension that corresponds to your country. We strongly recommend that the password you choose would be a long password with capital letters and numbers.
  3. Besides of this two things, the rest of the questionnaire should be completed with your personal data, such as name, surname, address and country.
  4. Once you have finished, you will be redirected to the main Hotmail webpage.
  5. With Outlook you will be able to do the main email functions, such as sending emails, attach pictures or videos to your emails, and so on.

A new Outlook feature is the option of having a chat with your Facebook friends. That is the reason why Outlook is the best option when choosing a new email account. Do not hesitate to create a Hotmail account!

Sign in Hotmail

Sign in Hotmail is a quick and easy process. Here’s how you can do it, step by step.

  1. Use an internet browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, to go to
  2. You will automatically be redirected to a login site that says “Outlook”. Don’t worry! Hotmail is a part of Outlook and this is the correct place for you to sign in (if you want to skip the middle man, you can login to your Hotmail account by going to directly).
  3. On the Outlook/Hotmail login page, you will see two fields: one for your Hotmail email address, and the other for your password. Note: if you were automatically directed to your inbox, it’s because you requested Hotmail to keep you logged in.
  4. In the first field, type in your email address, including “” at the end. Make sure to type it in correctly (your email address is not case sensitive).
  5. In the second field, enter the password you chose when you created your Hotmail account. Enter it carefully and keep in mind that your password is case sensitive, that is, “A” and “a” are considered different characters. If you are having problems with your password, check that you haven’t left your caps lock on by mistake.
  6. If you are on your personal computer, you can check the box that says “Keep me logged in” so you don’t have to enter your password in the future.
  7. Lastly, click “Sign in”, and you’re all set!



Create Gmail Account

Almost everyone in the world with internet access has signed up for Gmail by now. That’s partially because it’s one of the best email platforms available today, and completely free to use. And it’s partially because you need a Google account to use Android-powered devices, which are by far the most popular types of mobile devices worldwide. When you create account Gmail, you are taking the first step towards having access to the Play Store, Google Drive, a YouTube account, and lots more. So, let’s talk about how to actually sign up Gmail.

Sign Up Gmail in simple steps

It used to be that you needed a special invitation to sign up Gmail. Luckily, that isn’t the case anymore, and the procedure is quite standard. Here are the steps you need to follow to sign up for Gmail:

  1. Use any web browser to go to “”, or download and open the Gmail mobile app.
  2. Find the link or button that says “create account” (usually underneath the sign in form), and click/tap on it.
  3. On the Gmail sign up page, fill in the form with all the required information. In case you’re wondering, they want you to provide an alternative contact method to help secure your account and help you get back in if you ever forget your password.
  4. Pick the username that you want to use for your new Gmail account/email address (must be unique).
  5. Type in the password you want for your account (try to make it a good one), then type it again to confirm.
  6. Type the text from the captcha code into the box to verify that you’re a human being.
  7. Indicate that you agree to Gmail’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  8. Finally, click or tap the “next step” button.

You just signed up for Gmail!

Sign in Gmail

Google has become so ubiquitous in our lives that it’s no wonder you and so many other people have a Gmail account! Some people even have multiple email addresses with Gmail, which can making Gmail’s login process a little weird. In this article, we’ll talk about how to login to Gmail with one account, and how you can login to multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously so you can conveniently toggle from one to the other.

How to Login to Gmail

To login to Gmail with a single account or with your primary account (you can add more later, see next section), you can go directly to, or just go to and click the “Gmail” link at the top of the page.

Now, type in your Gmail username/email address in the first field. In the second, enter your password (case sensitive). If you want to stay logged in until you sign out manually, check the box – otherwise, you’ll be logged out when you close the browser window. Click the “sign in” button, and you should be taken to your Gmail inbox.

Once you’re logged in under your primary Gmail account, you can sign in to any other accounts you might have at the same time so you can check everything without having to constantly log in and out. To login to a Gmail account while you are already logged in to your primary one, click on your profile picture/avatar as if you were going to go to your settings or log out. There is a button at the bottom that says “add account” – click on it, and on the next screen, type in the email address and password of the second account you want to log into. It will open in a new tab, and when you click on your avatar in either inbox, you can toggle between the two accounts.

Create Account Yahoo

To create a Yahoo account is quite simple. Accessing or clicking here will take you to the main Yahoo website, where you will be able to see two buttons: one giving you the option of logging in, and one giving you the option of creating a new account.

yahoo mail

If you click on the one for creating a new Yahoo account, you will be redirected to an easy questionnaire. Here, you will need to provide your name, surname, username, password, mobile phone, date of birth, sex, and another phone number in case you lose your mobile phone with your Yahoo account on it. If you have ever lost your mobile phone, you will then know that this option comes very handy, as you can obtain your Yahoo account back very quick.

Talking about the username, you should first evaluate the use that you are going to give to your Yahoo email account. If you are going to use it to talk to your friends, any username would be fine, but if you intend to use it professionally, your username should then be more formal (like a combination of your name and surname, for example).

When choosing your password, you should not use a very simple one like 123456, your pet’s name or your favorite color, as those are very easy to guess. It is recommended to use a combination of letters, numbers and capital letters that is easy for you to memorize.

Create Account Facebook

Create a Facebook account. There are many people that, for various reasons, still do not have a Facebook account. But what they may not know is that in order to create a Facebook account, they only need to follow a few easy steps, and here we will tell them how:

  1. First come first, and then you should go to, where you will be able to see the start page of this social network.
  2. Now that we are on its website, you should look for the label that says “Register now”. In order to be able to register you will only need to have an email account, where you will receive your Facebook notifications and password in case you want to reset it. Insert your name, surname, date of birth, sex and a password and just click on the green button that says “Register”!
  3. When you create a Facebook account, you should fill in a questionnaire. Not all the questions need to be completed, and you can just omit part of it if you do not feel like filling it in at the moment.
  4. The first section is thought to make you connect with your friends. You can add friends by their email account or by using the suggested friends’ option. If you decide to skip this step, you will still be able to add your friends to your Facebook account later from the Facebook search engine.
  5. You will then have to fill in your profile information. Here you do not need to be very specific if you do not want to, but some of the fields to complete are your place of work or the school you went to when you were a kid. This data will help Facebook suggest you people you may know. Once you have finished, click on “Save and continue” to carry on.
  6. Finally, you will need to have a profile picture. Even when you can also skip this step, it is highly recommended that you have a profile picture, as it will make it easier to identify you. You can upload a picture from your computer or take a picture from your webcam.

facebook instagram