Create a folder in Hotmail

Create folder in Hotmail. Folders are the best Hotmail tool to sort our emails. For this reason it is that in this article you will learn to create the files that you need and with the name that best suits your needs.

¿How to create a folder in Hotmail?

When a user of this platform acquires dimension of importance of the folders, almost instinctively wants to create new ones. But by wanting to do it unfortunately notes that there is no button to create folders in Hotmail, something that would be very useful and easy to learn to use.

But that this button does not exist does not mean that new folders can not be created. Despite the absence of the button Microsoft designed a way to create folders that is also very simple.

To create a new folder, simply move the mouse pointer to the left side of the inbox. In this region is that you should locate the option “Folders“, and place the mouse arrow over it without pressing anything.

If you have tried but do not even find the option do not grieve. A simple way to find it is to see the top left corner of your screen. Now, start looking down following the gray column. First you will find the search bar, and if you go down a little more you will find the option “Folders“.

You are already quite close to fulfilling the purpose of the tutorial. When you have the mouse located correctly, you have to right click. This step enabled a new list of options. One way to check if you have done the above steps properly is to compare what you see on your screen with what we show in the image of this article. For its screen you have to observe the same options that in this image we mark with a rectangle of red color. If for some reason you can not visualize these options, it is advisable to try the tutorial again from the beginning until you have succeeded.

How to order the eMails

If on the contrary you did the previous steps well, to continue you must make left click where it says “Add new folder“. Now you will have to choose a name for the folder. It must be different from the folder names you already have installed by default in your Hotmail account. This means that the names “Inbox“, “File“, “Spam“, “Drafts” and “Sent” are the only names you can not choose for your new folder.

When you have defined the name you click where it says “OK” and you may have already created folder in Outlook.

The last thing you have to decide is what messages you want to move into the new folder. If you do not know how to move messages from one folder to another in Hotmail, it is recommended that you read my other article by clicking on this link: Move Hotmail message. There you will have all the necessary explanations so that you learn to move mails in Outlook without any problem.

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