How to Sign up and Sign in Hotmail

In this article, you will be know how to create a account and register in Hotmail. Sign in Hotmail in very easy and we learn to now how to do it.  Before we begin, we must point out that the Hotmail mail service was replaced in 2013 by However, people who keep their Hotmail accounts can still use them, and new users can opt for a Hotmail address instead of Outlook.

This new service offers its users a number of improvements such as:

  1. Let us connect with our friends from social networks.
  2. We can use Office online, for free.
  3. Increase the capacity of attachments.
  4. When creating a Hotmail account, you have a storage service available in OneDrive, with more than 7 GB capacity.
  5. You can watch any YouTube video, without opening a new page.
  6. With the Outlook calendar, you can have an agenda with the commitments and celebrations that you want to remember, you can also activate so that an email arrives at a certain time so you do not forget the event.

Outlook is the email from Microsoft.

This is one of the most important email services of today, it also allows users to have a better order and control over the emails they receive. The appearance of the new Hotmail is quite minimalist and easy to handle, so it will be very easy and fast to adapt to this service.

How to create account in Hotmail?

Create a Hotmail account in very easy.

To create the Hotmail account you must follow the steps that we will follow:

  1. To start, you must enter the official website, this can be or
  2. On the right of our screen we will see a box to login. Since what we want is to create an account in Hotmail, you must select “You don’t have a Microsoft Account”; Then we will see a box where it says “Register Now”, click.
  3. Then a registration form will appear, you must complete it with valid information. Here they will ask for your name, surname, email address, a password (we recommend you to be safe), country, date of birth, phone number, sex, etc. Note: When entering your desired email address, be sure to select “@” from the domain menu.
  4. Once all the requested information is completed, you must enter the security code that you indicate and press “Create Account”.
  5. Ready, now you can start sending and receiving emails in the new Hotmail.
    Advantages of creating Hotmail account.

Sign in Hotmail

The Hotmail sign in process can seem a little confusing, especially if it’s been a while since you accessed your account. I know a lot of people created a Hotmail account many years ago and don’t check on it very often because it’s not their primary email address. When these people finally try to sign into Hotmail, they are thrown through a loop because the website that they’ve always used to log in doesn’t say Hotmail in big, bold letters like it used it. In fact, the word “Hotmail” isn’t there at all! How can you sign into Hotmail if the login page is gone? Does my Hotmail account even exist anymore??

How to sign in Hotmail

Don’t panic. Your Hotmail account is safe and sound, and you can still sign in whenever you want, as long as you know your email address and password (or at least have the means to recover and reset your password). The only thing that has changed is the way the login page looks – it says “Outlook” now, but Hotmail and Outlook are just two different names for the same Microsoft webmail you are familiar with.

You’ll also see that when you type in “”, you get taken to “”. That’s because for a while, it was called “Windows Live Hotmail”. It’s all the same thing, and you can sign in on the same page.

Where it tells you to sign in with your Microsoft account, you simply have to enter your Hotmail email address (including the “” part) and your password, just like before. I guess all the name changes that Microsoft made to Hotmail over the years were confusing people, so now they just call them all “Microsoft accounts”. So whether your email address is with Hotmail, Outlook, Live or MSN, you can sign in on


Creating the hotmail account and logging in to Hotmail is very easy to do. Just enter the official Hotmail site. Once there, the interface, which is very simple, will guide you so you can create your account. With it, you can log in anywhere. On any PC or mobile device.

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