Sign Up Hotmail: how to create an account

Sign Up Hotmail is very easy and it is done through the or domains, where a Hotmail email account with extension can be created.

Sign Up Hotmail

A lot of people search diary how to register at Hotmail, as it is the best email of all. Plenty of these people will search on Google – or Bing – search results related with sign up Hotmail, as they do not know that Hotmail has changed its name to Outlook or they still want an email account with an extension, which is perfectly possible. Create account Hotmail is very easy. You must first access the official Outlook website by clicking here. Once you are at the main page, you will be able to see the following:

As you can see on the bottom right side of the page, there is a message saying “don’t have a Microsoft account? Register now!” You can access directly that section by clicking here.

Create Account Hotmail

Once you have entered that section, you will be able to see the registering questionnaire that looks as follows:

As you can see, there are several personal data that you have to input:

  • Name and surname: We strongly recommend using your real name and surname.
  • Username: This is the place for choosing your email account address, which will be followed by the or extension. When you type it, the system will let you know if it is available or not.
  • Extension: This can either be, or those available depending on your country.
  • Create a password: As you are writing it, Outlook will tell you its difficulty level, which can go from “very weak” to “very strong”. For a very strong password, we recommend the use of capital letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Country or region.
  • Post code.
  • Date of birth.

Aside of this, there are some more data that can be completed to add more security to your email account:

  • Country code & Telephone number: by filling in these two things, you will be able to verify your account and to recover your password. It is very important to type your real phone number.
  • Alternative email: Used when you loose or do not remember your password. It must be a real email account.

Sign In Hotmail

By completing the captcha or security code, everything is ready and you can press the button that will lead you into creating your new email account. If everything is correct, you will be redirected to your Outlook email main page so you can start using it.

If there was any mistake, the page will indicate where and after correcting it, everything will be ready to go.

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